Authenticity In The Workplace

Authenticity in the workplace — it’s a big buzzword today. And our sharing culture takes that quite literally; just look at the personal posts and pics that are on the web everyday. However, being authentic doesn’t mean you have to be transparent.

Being authentic can definitely go a long way at work, but only to a certain degree. You’ve got to be real, but put your best foot forward at the same time when showing case your authenticity in the workplace.

Be Self-Aware: Discover your strengths and focus on that. Learn to feed those strengths in the jobs you take on. Find the real you. At the same time, pay attention to your weaknesses and find ways to manage them.

Identify Values: Gather together ten of your core values and rank them in importance. Explain out loud why they are valuable to you. Then commit yourself to sticking to those values. They will dictate your behavior.

Network: Build genuine relationships with different types of people—even if they don’t work in the same group as you, or you don’t manage them directly.

Learning to be authentic at work can go a long way in creating genuine professional relationships, allowing you to make more of an impact in your role at work. Good luck!

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