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    Great management is vital to individual and group excellence.
    We have measured the key skills and traits of high performing managers and leaders and mapped them to 21 questions. Answer these confidential questions to see where you rank on the WorkCompass Leadership Index. Use the results to:

      • Find and play to your strengths
      • Enhance your development
      • Stand out in your organisation

    Find your strengths

    We used manual forms for performance management, it was a nightmare, everyone hated it, most the time the forms were never filled in. Now doing a plan or review takes minutes, I know who has done it and its all in one place.

    Claire HughesHR @ WebPrint.

    When i was promoted to Engineering Manager I had no idea how to manage people and no systems to help me do it. Work Compass helps me manage my teams performance, it makes me a better manager.

    Karl JonesManager @ WebPrint.

    Since we started using Work Compass everyone is clearer about our direction and needs less hand holding. Staff are able to make more of their own decisions

    Donagh O'DohertyCEO @ WebPrint.

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