What Happens After Your Promotion?

You’ve been an associate at your organization for at least a year or so, and you’ve racked up successes, additional education or a combination of both in your tenure. One day, you’re called into your director’s office to deliver a big chunk of news.

“We’re promoting you.”

You’ll be nervous and/or elated however extremely determined, and definitely excited about the pay hike. Your first impulse is to inform your team members about the news prior to an official announcement. No harm in that, right? You assure your teammates, whom will become your subordinates within weeks, days, or immediately that nothing will change—only the title, right?

No. Wrong.

Everything changes. Don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable, however what you’re about to find out here will help you through. Here are just three very important changes regarding the new team dynamics after your promotion.

Promotion Changes Friendships (or Ends Them)

The coworker friends now answer to you. The good ol’ days of shooting the breeze about work are past. Now they might shoot the breeze about you. There’s more.

Your suggestions morph into orders; it becomes strikingly clear that you’re not exactly friends-at-work anymore as you all eye that line in the sand. But look at the change as a new beginning.

Encourage your employees and be transparent with them from the beginning—just understand that you may not be able to do all the cool stuff you used to do with them anymore.

Everything You Do and Say Matters More

You become more important for light and heavy reasons. On the lighter side, people suddenly pay more attention to you and your bad jokes—they might even laugh on command. On the other hand, your words are significantly heavier because they affect the team’s quality of life based on your style of performance management and feedback. Be sensitive and cognizant of your actions and speech in order to effectively lead others.

You Set the Tone and Expectations

Speaking of heavy decisions, hopefully you have mastered the art of self management long before being promotion. You are tasked to obtain and establish clear expectations—provide structure, define roles—things like that. Be prepared to catch major heat at times.

As the champion of your team, you also handle the brunt of hard decisions and organizational changes—some of that heat you were guarded from as an associate.

A promotion changes everything. Your circle might get smaller or even change completely. Seemingly small decisions have large ramifications. You have to chart the way to success. Change is hard however you can adapt and move forward with a new awareness.


Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman is the founder and CEO of Work Compass, a cloud staff performance collaboration software platform that helps teams align their efforts with strategic goals and continuously improve performance. Frustrated with the disconnect between strategy setting and day to day execution and the lack of tools available to managers to help them be great at their most important function …. Aligning their teams activities with strategic goals and actively managing for high performance Denis spent over 5 years researching strategy execution and performance management practices before founding Work Compass to create a software solution. Denis has held senior roles in Ireland, Czech Republic and North America with high performing electronics manufacturing and professional services organisations for more than 12 years. Denis has worked as Finance Director responsible for €800 million in annual revenues for Flextronics International, Key Account Manager responsible for annual revenues of more than €600 million for Dovatron International and Management Consultant for BDO one of Europe’s most successful professional services providers.

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