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Kick Employee Surveys To The Curb

Employee Engagement …an overused phrase and an underused action.  Bloomberg hosts The Management Blog which hones in on trends and issues within management. In an article from 2012, Liz Ryan states, “Every decade or so, a bright new theory about managing people gets HR chiefs all excited. In the 1980s, it was the 360 Evaluation. In the nineties, we had Automated Applicant-Tracking Systems […]

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Managing People – Art or Science?

A lot of management skills are based on how well you interact with people. And people skills happen to be based on emotional intelligence, which is what we use to gauge in appropriate conversation and confrontation. To some that is an art, and to others, a science. Let’s take a joke, for example. Can you create the perfect, belly-laugh-inducing joke […]

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Managing A Job-Sharing Role

Usually, the main motivation behind a job-share opportunity is employees wanting a better work-life balance. So, when the opportunity for that kind of role opens up, poeple are more than motivated to make it work. Nothing beats motivated employees—because motivated employees are generally the most productive kind of worker. And they’re happy about their work situation. That’s a good thing. […]

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