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Set Up

Step 1 – Discovery
The discovery session takes an hour to an hour and a half, its conducted via webinar. The purpose is to help us understand your requirements and begin to plan for roll out. We will explain the next steps and agree a schedule with you.

Step 2 – Design, Build & Test
Following discovery we will customize your installation including the addition of your organizations goals and behaviors. Will we also set up the user types appropriate for your organization and add your users. Finally we will test your set up.


Step 3 – Roll out & Training
We conduct three types of training:

(1) For Admins: This takes approximately an hour and a half and covers advanced use including users types, change management, goal setting, behaviors and reporting.

(2) For Managers: This takes approximately an hour and covers workflow, reporting and talent decision making, goal setting and behaviors.

(3) For Users: This also takes an hour and covers the reasons for performance management and how to use it to get ahead.

All training is conducted via webinar.




We also offer consultancy services. This can be delivered remotely or on site, depending on your location. Please contact us for more details.

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