Hire the Right Person For You

One of the hardest parts about bringing on new people is making sure it’s right.

You’re seeking top talent with who you can have a good working relationship. Sometimes managers and their employees can butt heads. In the NBA, the relationship between the game’s greatest active player LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers’ coach David Blatt has made headlines because of their relationship collapsed during conflicts about who’s really in charge.

Apparently James was not jelling with Blatt’s strategies—so he did what any superstar would do… overruled the coach’s orders during the Finals and produced monster numbers to lead the team to some wins. Cavaliers still lost the championship series.

So here we think about how managers hire the right people. Assuming James has the influence to (help) select a coach, it seems bringing Blatt to the team was questionable—especially if he is not brought back for the next season.

You want to avoid this situation of unnecessary friction between you and your team members. It can get ugly if it isn’t checked. One way to ward this off is by picking the right people who fit you and your team.

The best hire won’t be always have every skill you need listed on a gold-plated resume with words etched in platinum. You need to know if you can work with the person you want to hire. Do these three strategies in order to find the right person to hire.

  1. Find out their personality and values. You want to be able to like This person has to be a good fit personality wise and be able to fit with the culture of the company. This is not the same as hiring someone like you. It’s okay to have contrasting personalities. You should ask a candidate about how they handle failure to see if they have resolve and grit.
  2. Find the diamond in the rough. You’ll never have 100 percent of what you want—at best you’ll have 80 percent of what you need. Now the person that has what you need might not be a conventional pick—your next great team member could be a job hopper or have a contrasting personality from the rest of your team.
  3. Take your time. The excitement of getting the right person into a job is like a kid’s just a few days before Christmas. You’re so excited and you want everything now—screw the process, just press the button! Slow down. You need to get this hire right. Find out about whom you think can join your team. Will they play well with others? Can they carry their workload?

Find out if you can like your potential hire, can see past your conventions, and be patient to let the process play out. James and Blatt apparently are not a good match for each other. Pick the right person for you and your team to decrease the chances of such a relationship collapse.


Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman is the founder and CEO of Work Compass, a cloud staff performance collaboration software platform that helps teams align their efforts with strategic goals and continuously improve performance. Frustrated with the disconnect between strategy setting and day to day execution and the lack of tools available to managers to help them be great at their most important function …. Aligning their teams activities with strategic goals and actively managing for high performance Denis spent over 5 years researching strategy execution and performance management practices before founding Work Compass to create a software solution. Denis has held senior roles in Ireland, Czech Republic and North America with high performing electronics manufacturing and professional services organisations for more than 12 years. Denis has worked as Finance Director responsible for €800 million in annual revenues for Flextronics International, Key Account Manager responsible for annual revenues of more than €600 million for Dovatron International and Management Consultant for BDO one of Europe’s most successful professional services providers.

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