Firing Slow – Conflict Avoidance 101

FACT: Every manager of people wants non-performers out the same day they bring it to your office as the HR generalist supporting their functional area.

The biggest slow down effect on the termination process of a non-performer is that managers generally don’t want to deal with the conflict of sitting down with the person to advise them of the gaps between expected and actual performance. Instead, most managers want to wait until they have had 3 months of performance below spec and fire in the first conversation they have had with the person.

With this in mind, the best solution for HR Generalists who may be tagged with the label of being “non-responsive” or “barriers” to the termination process, is to go on the offensive and let all know up and down the organization that they will work quickly to support the operators of the business, but those operators have to confront the non-performance and have actual coaching conversations with the employee in question. Sounds simple, but conflict is never easy, especially for less experienced managers…


Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman is the founder and CEO of Work Compass, a cloud staff performance collaboration software platform that helps teams align their efforts with strategic goals and continuously improve performance. Frustrated with the disconnect between strategy setting and day to day execution and the lack of tools available to managers to help them be great at their most important function …. Aligning their teams activities with strategic goals and actively managing for high performance Denis spent over 5 years researching strategy execution and performance management practices before founding Work Compass to create a software solution. Denis has held senior roles in Ireland, Czech Republic and North America with high performing electronics manufacturing and professional services organisations for more than 12 years. Denis has worked as Finance Director responsible for €800 million in annual revenues for Flextronics International, Key Account Manager responsible for annual revenues of more than €600 million for Dovatron International and Management Consultant for BDO one of Europe’s most successful professional services providers.

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