In The News: Work Compass

I'm happy to share with you all a great article published in Silicon Republic that features Formless as the tech start-up of the week. We are committed to bettering performance management in the workplace and making the process streamlined for your company.

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Work Compass: Real Work, Not Paperwork

Research by Standford professors Kaplan and Norton suggests that over 70% of what people do isn’t advancing the company's goals. So, whose mess is this? Well, it can’t be the CEO’s or anyone else whose title begins with C! Usually, it falls on someone like the head of operations, someone like my buddy Walter.

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The Performance Conversation

A performance conversation builds a relationship that allows managers to influence others toward improved performance, development and positive outcomes. Talent conversations can happen at any time, but one of the most critical moments for doing them right is during your organization’s regular performance review process.

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