Owning the Performance Review

No one really likes performance reviews. They can make you and the person who’s being reviewed feel like you’re heading to your own execution if approached the wrong way. But, you can change that vibe of traditional performance reviews by focusing on the positives, and integrating areas the employee can grow at the same time.

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Coaching On The Fly

If talent management is to be effective and a process-oriented endeavor, it needs to happen like that. Humans are dynamic; so is life and thus work. Because of this, feedback and coaching have to be dynamic, too—constant in nature and communicated consistently, depending on when the situation calls for it.

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How to Manage a Star Performer

A small business (or any business for that matter) is a lot like a team. You do team-building activities together, get competitive amongst each other, and push each other to be your best. And naturally, on a team, there are going to be standout players and there are going to be benchwarmers. That’s just the nature of the game.

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