4 Signs Your Employees Aren’t Engaged & How to Fix It

Engagement is the difference between employees who are just going through the motions and those who strive to do their best and continually improve. The link between employee engagement levels and business value is well understood, so I am not going to go into it here. What is less understood is what employee dis-engagement looks like and what you can […]

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Setting Goals

Goals define desired outcomes. They are the building blocks for performance planning, appraisal and improvement. If this isn’t reason enough to pay attention to goals then consider Parkinson’s Law. It states that work expands to fill the time available; that without goals people will occupy themselves with activities that keep them busy, usually on activities they are most comfortable doing, […]

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How To Reward and Engage Non-Commission Employees

It’s easy to use compensation to motivate some employees—especially those whose roles are performance-based or work for commission. But how do you put fire under the seat of those who aren’t in commission-based, numbers-oriented roles at your company? Are big bonuses enough to drive high performance for those employees? Will a yearly check that’s really based on company performance and […]

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Why is Employee Loyalty So Hard to Achieve?

Employee loyalty stems from an actual interest in the industry, organization, or position. Plus, that interest probably should be reciprocated from employer to employee as well. If that wanes or was never there in the first place, loyalty suffers. There ceases to be a reason for the employee to care outside of a paycheck.

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