Managing Teams Obligations and Opportunities

It’s time to be excited for the opportunity you have to teach, innovate, build responsibility, grow, and connect with your team. You’ve got your obligations and opportunities, but how do these two compare, and how do you effectively use them? Obligations are those day-to-day tasks. When hearing “obligation,” you tend to cringe and think of a requirement to do certain tasks; there’s […]

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Some Advice for New Managers

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to manager—all the long hours have paid off. Well done! Now what? In most organizations, people get promoted into management positions because they are good engineers or sales people or accountants. Then, they are left to their own devices to learn management “on the job” with little or no support, tools, or training. They […]

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Is Your Performance Management System Failing You?

Is your performance management system letting your managers cop out of tough conversations? Take our quick quiz and have your eyes opened on who is dropping the ball: 1. There are no “does not meet” or below-average ratings: If your managers aren’t delivering some bad news, they don’t feel compelled to be candid about performance. A. True         […]

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Office Avengers: Build Your Hero Team

Have you ever been tasked with the responsibility of assembling a team? No, not like the avengers where its all super heroes and someone can solve a world crisis in the blink of an eye. More like bringing the right employees together to work side-by-side and pull off a huge project. Anyone can throw a random group of people together […]

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Fuel Your Employees’ Creative Fire

Picture this corporate scene—lines of grey suits marching toward perfectly aligned cubicles… a dreadful image. This dreary picture of the corporate life persuades employees to alter their self-image, and even more drastically, their way of thinking into fitting the mold of the perfect business person. Approaching this problem as managers, we have to ask, how can innovation and growth be […]

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