Why Gen Y May have a Competitive Career Advantage

We’ve all heard the generalizations of Generation Y before: they feel entitled to a satisfying career, they’re too dependent on technology, they have the attention span of a fish, etc. But what if these “problems” were actually a good thing? Every generation has their individual advantages. While many view the personality traits of Gen Y as a bad thing, they […]

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Judging Performance Based On The Command Factor

What is command?  The dictionary defines command as “To exercise dominating, authoritative influence over.” The definition is easy, but identifying what contributes to whether you think someone has command is much more complex. Command is what makes you believe someone is in control, is great at what they do and has the ability to influence people, environments and events around them.  It’s like […]

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Put Soul into Your Goals

Q: What is the ultimate purpose, or goal, of life? A: “That’s a big question. I work like a dog all day and watch TV at night to avoid thinking about things like that. In fact, I’m feeling the urge to go to the bar and watch football right now!” Fundamentally, I would suggest the two basic life goals are […]

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How to Handle Talent That’s Just Not That Into You Anymore

How aware are you about what’s going on in your organization?  You need to be aware, which, in today’s world, means you need to be a social media consumer. With that said, what do you do as a business owner or manager, when someone updates a social media status to indicate they want a new job?  Here’s my listing of your […]

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Where Performance Reviews Go Wrong

What is supposed to be a constructive, mutually beneficial conversation between a manager and their employee is usually anything but mutual… Here are a couple of my thoughts on why: – The participants want different things, which is never a good thing in a relationship! The manager wants to talk about where performance needs to improve, the employee wants to […]

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