Do You Have A Talent Strategy?

A great organization is made up of great people. So it’s no wonder organizations are putting so much energy into identifying, developing, and retaining what have become known as their “A Players.” Many large organizations have well-developed systems for managing and motivating their high-performance and high-potential staff—and for removing their poor performers. Well-respected management thinkers, like Larry Bossidy, have largely […]

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Hiring Personality Vs Prowess

You want your sales representatives to have an edge, more than one layer of personality, and the ability to woo people over—details don’t really matter when you have a strong persona bringing in the game.  As for your person that is highly involved in tech… we can throw personality out the door. We want a high details focus and 100% accuracy… right? […]

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Two Times Managers Should Stop Talking

Let’s face it—managing people is hard. There are things you have to say at every turn: “Do this for me.” “Don’t forget that.” “I’m following up with you because of this.” The trap? Most managers are so focused on what they need to say that they forget there are times when they should say nothing. The soft way to say […]

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Letting Apologies Slip Through The Cracks

“I’m right, you’re wrong.” That’s how most apologies go, right? Not in this blog—we believe you can turn your company around with learning how to give sincere apologies. Don’t know where to start? Start here:    1. Meet in person: Facial expressions will help direct the conversation. 2. Humbly start the conversation: Why did you want to meet?  3. Give […]

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Are We Any Good At Doing Our Own Performance Reviews?

Are we any good at rating our own performance? There is lots of evidence that says we aren’t. A study in 1977 on professors showed that an amazing 94 percent of them rated their performance better than their peers. 94 percent! Of course it’s impossible for nearly everyone to be better than average—you would think that professors would be well […]

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