Don’t Let Recognition Fade In The Workplace

It’s time to investigate whether your employees need ample amounts of recognition, or just a smidge. A little morale-boosting goes a long way to make an individual feel like a team player. Verbally empowering your employees will ensure them that their manager notices their hard work. This will bestow a firmness of purpose and bring their goals to fruition. A […]

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82 websites to list your startup app

New in the role of marketing director here at WorkCompass I need to make sure all the basics are covered before I start on more advanced marketing campaigns. That means an SEO readable website, Lead capture on the website, Analytics, Email list and link building. An easy win with link building is to ensure the site is listed with all […]

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3 Ways to Look Engaged… When You Have to Watch the Clock

Some people are black and white when it comes to judging whether someone is engaged in what they do for a living.  Like most of you, I like to see someone passionate about what they do, and I think I know the signs of a clock watcher. Any company is going to be comprised of team members in various stages of […]

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Should Managers Be Able To Do The Employee’s Work?

What’s the key to maintaining an enthusiastic, motivated work environment as a manager? What do employees need and want from their hiring managers? According to Harvard Management Update, people have three goals at work: To maintain the enthusiasm employees bring to their jobs initially, management must understand the three sets of goals that the great majority of workers seek from […]

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A Good Manager Knows When To Take a Loss

What makes a good manager? Sure, you’re good at what you do, but it’s more than that. It’s how well you play with others… how well you handle being in a position of power… and having the emotional intelligence to recognize pivotal moments that can gain you some real-world respect from your subordinates.  Want to be a great manager? Your […]

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