Divvy Up: Delegate In The Workplace

Everyone’s job duties have been set for years and now people are just starting to bring their overload issues to the surface? You’d think people would speak up about having too much work. Where do we start with delegation? Performance and personality assessments now come in to play. We know, nobody likes them, but if they are done right, there’s no stopping […]

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To “thrive” is to succeed, to grow well, to flourish. It’s what we aspire to for ourselves and it’s what we want for our family, our organizations, the economy and everything else.

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If It’s Not On The List… Why Are You Doing It?

It’s no wonder we don’t finish all our work in one day. We are distracted by anything and everything that’s not on our list. One minute, you have your head down working hard and you’re halfway to your finish line. Before you know it, it’s 15 minutes later and you’ve read through stories on how the first man, Meb Keflezighi, has […]

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The Manager Bail-Out: Initiating Performance Management Conversations

Rating scales are always popular topics among everyone—management teams, first-level managers and employees—because everyone has a set of experiences based on their exposure to performance management. Today, I’m going to argue the side of having fewer, rather than more, points on your rating scale system when it comes to how you rate an employee’s performance. To most of your managers, giving feedback […]

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Kick Employee Surveys To The Curb

Employee Engagement …an overused phrase and an underused action.  Bloomberg hosts The Management Blog which hones in on trends and issues within management. In an article from 2012, Liz Ryan states, “Every decade or so, a bright new theory about managing people gets HR chiefs all excited. In the 1980s, it was the 360 Evaluation. In the nineties, we had Automated Applicant-Tracking Systems […]

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