Are We Any Good At Doing Our Own Performance Reviews?

Are we any good at rating our own performance? There is lots of evidence that says we aren’t. A study in 1977 on professors showed that an amazing 94 percent of them rated their performance better than their peers. 94 percent! Of course it’s impossible for nearly everyone to be better than average—you would think that professors would be well […]

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Give Your Company Culture Shock

To have a great company, you need a great company culture. If your company falls short of authenticity, it’s time for a change.  What employees crave for their 9-5 lifestyle:  Role models, work that impacts the community, purpose, the chance to be a part of a compelling story, collaboration… and it wouldn’t hurt to throw some color on the walls […]

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4 Ways To Show You Have Valuable Skills, Not Just Luck

It’s easy to rag on others around us by attributing their success to sheer dumb luck. We excuse our own undersupply of skill, and diminish the hard work of those around us. “You see that guy making all those home runs—it’s luck, right?” Maybe, slightly maybe. It also could be that he runs more than you, sleeps with his Louisville slugger […]

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Writing Performance Reviews Without the Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Like all managers, I have spent many frustrating hours trying to write performance reviews. It starts with searching for the performance plan, but after a while, I give up and ask HR for a copy. They tell me they’re not sure it’s the final version because I never gave them the signed copies. Fantastic! I ask my team for their […]

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