Good Is Good Enough

You read the title correctly. Good is finally good enough! “Perfection” isn’t always the end goal in the work place, but “refinement” should be our long term ambition. There’s an expectation that only people who have more than 24 hours in a day can achieve—as for everyone else, we’re stuck going for good because we can’t reach the gold. The task […]

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What’s Really Going On At The Performance Review

What is supposed to be a constructive, mutually beneficial conversation between a manager and their employee is usually anything but mutual… Here are a couple of my thoughts on why: – The participants want different things, which is never a good thing in a relationship! The manager wants to talk about where performance needs to improve, the employee wants to […]

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Don’t Be Fooled By What You See: Time Management Matters

Early in my career I worked with a very bright and charismatic guy, I am going to call him Walter—although that’s not his real name. Walter never seemed to be able to sit still. He was rarely in his office, he spent most of his time walking very quickly—almost running—around the production floor on his cell phone and usually with a […]

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Divvy Up: Delegate In The Workplace

Everyone’s job duties have been set for years and now people are just starting to bring their overload issues to the surface? You’d think people would speak up about having too much work. Where do we start with delegation? Performance and personality assessments now come in to play. We know, nobody likes them, but if they are done right, there’s no stopping […]

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To “thrive” is to succeed, to grow well, to flourish. It’s what we aspire to for ourselves and it’s what we want for our family, our organizations, the economy and everything else.

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