Writing Performance Reviews Without the Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Like all managers, I have spent many frustrating hours trying to write performance reviews. It starts with searching for the performance plan, but after a while, I give up and ask HR for a copy. They tell me they’re not sure it’s the final version because I never gave them the signed copies. Fantastic! I ask my team for their […]

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Grab Your Sweatband and Join the Leadership Race

What’s your 2014 strategy for winning the leadership race? This year, it’s time to bump the old you out of the race for good. Let’s talk about how you are going to improve yourself this year, areas you are going to tighten, ways you can create a better team environment and obstacles you can hurdle instead of crash.   Let’s […]

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Silence is Golden

The biggest mistake managers make in performance management is wanting to tell an employee what to do. My definition of telling? Not letting the employee interact with you in a meaningful way during any performance conversation.  A general rule of thumb with any performance conversation, whether formal or informal – if you’re the manager and you’re doing 80-90% of the […]

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“I Disagree” Is Not An Option

Have you ever felt like you’re playing charades so that someone will understand what you’re trying to say? You try to get your opinion in the conversation, but their interest is little to none. Maybe they understand what you’re saying, but they just don’t care… It’s easy to ask ourselves these following questions and blow-up the situation in our mind:  […]

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Don’t Be a Dictator! Let The Employee Talk About How They View Their Own Performance

Let’s say you’re sitting down to deliver a performance review to one of your employees, or you’re doing a performance check-in that’s not the formal review.  At some point, you want to let the employee talk about how they view their own performance, right? Sure you do.  After all, you’re not a dictator, right?  At least not intentionally. Let’s break […]

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