When You’ve Just Been Promoted to “Manager of” from “Manager”… [Video Bonus]

A friend of mine (I’ll call him Johnny) emailed me awhile back and told me he had been promoted to “Manager of Customer Service” from “Customer Service Manager.” Ah yes, nothing says “I’ve arrived” more than an in-line promotion that tweaks your title a little bit but really changes nothing else… why do companies do this? Sometimes real considerations drive […]

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Where’s Our Employee Engagement?

The Corporate Leadership Council gives shocking statistics on the impact of employee engagement. “Those employees who are most committed perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave the organization—indicating the significance of engagement to organizational performance.” Managers, you don’t want a company decline, due to low engagement, on your hands, right? Yikes! Keeping employees happy will ultimately result […]

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What Lies Beneath – Why Change Can Be So Hard

When we start off with something to fix or something new we want to do, we make a plan, and we explain it to everyone. They all seem to understand it and everyone commits to doing it. We start to relax because we know things are about to start getting better. After several progress meetings we start to get anxious, […]

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Where To Begin With The Last Picked Player

Think back to those kickball days where you either expected to be picked first… or stood there ready to take the walk of shame of being picked last. The latter probably hits home, right? If it doesn’t and you were always picked first, you can pretend to play the other role and see where all of us normal people are […]

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Focus On The Process, Not The Person

Performance appraisals can easily turn into a big mess of a situation if you don’t go about them the correct way (which could easily be avoided by using the proper performance management software—just saying).

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