Be A Pure Grinder

You’ve got the job. It’s new, shiny, and untouched… now what? How do you inspire your new employees? How do you take your new work load and become what we call a “pure grinder?” You get the job done, and you do it better than anyone thought you could. Let’s think about this. No one really told you to step up this […]

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Chained To Their Desks

We all know that when we take breaks, we can be way more productive. Switching over our activities and using different parts of our brains will give energy and a more intentional work ethic. If you ask anyone, chances are they would completely agree with this and say that everyone should take their much needed small break for a second […]

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Coaching Your Employees to Workplace Fulfillment

Why do people call Wednesday “hump day”? I’ll tell you why. It’s because people are referring to putting up with five days of work to get to their two days of fun. Wednesday is the apex of the five-day trek towards a two-day oasis of straight up good times.

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Put Me In, Coach!

Do your employees bring their A-game to the workplace? Head’s up: I’m about to drop some mind-blowing news. Life is a game, and you’re either scoring buzzer-beater shots or sitting the bench. So, if life is a game and we have to score on a regular basis to make progress, you better be thinking offense, right?  Well, not exactly.  Defense […]

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Recreation Is Performance Motivation

Work is not all life is about—there’s so much more to makings of each individual. You probably don’t need another reason or push to enjoy your hobbies—they are what keep happy, motivated, and balanced. So what do you love doing? Droppin’ beats at a Jazz club, running marathons, attending art and wine classes, acting for local productions? Whatever it is […]

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