Calling All Team Player And Individual Perspectives: Part 2

On Wednesday, we took a trip through a team player’s mindset—how they think and approach work, bring the team together, and push for a better product. We are going to take a look into the individual player’s approach to working with a team, and see how they fit into the picture. The individual player: There’s value in competition, no doubt […]

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Productivity – Whubble

PreviousNextI am definitely having one of these days. One of my favorite tools to keep focused is a little app called freedom which blocks all internet for the time period you set. Read Whubble exclusively here first on WorkCompass every week. Better yet, subscribe and get it by email ->> © Jamie Smart | Whubble

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Calling All Team Player And Individual Perspectives

It’s common talk in the cubicles to hear, “It’s an individual’s game. Your career doesn’t depend on a team—it depends on your skills, talents, quotas, goals, and personal performance. It’s every man for himself—to reach the top and make sure no one else bursts through the walls of success.” Bring on the dirty looks and dropping jaws. People think this […]

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Fire To Save Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes a manager can make is not letting people go until the ship is already sinking. Laziness is seeping all throughout the workplace, and you know how frustrating and discouraging this is when your team doesn’t have your back… or any excitement for the business. Hours. Money. Talent. All wasted. People want to work for good […]

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