Webinar – How to do a performance review – The easy way!

Performance reviews can be pretty scary places, and not just for your employees. You the manager are probably worried about delivering bad news or how to give praise without raising expectations about pay. Worry no more, we are here to help with this great (and short!) guide on how to do a performance review.

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6 Steps to Being a Great Mentor

Willingness to help: You’ve had many years in the business, and the only way the next generation will continue the legacy is if someone teaches them. You can’t beat one-on-one training with Internet knowledge. Wisdom goes a long way. Motivation to develop your mentee: Think about your own career—you are constantly developing and growing. It’s probably because of someone else giving […]

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The Roadside MBA – Business Book Review

Business is fun, fascinating, scary and vital for the world we live in, or at least it should be. Reading 1000s of business books is a reminder to Ron and me of everything that makes business intriguing and how easily those attributes can disappear beneath jargon, theory, templates, buzzwords, crap bosses and the ever expanding plethora of paraphernalia around subjects […]

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Friday Tips: Develop Those Abilities You’ve Dreamed Of Having

How do you find the time to develop new abilities? You want to be able to develop yourself, but fitting that into your schedule seems to never happen. You finish one task and them boom—someone has already laid down the next project that has to be done ASAP. It’s a vicious cycle. First things, first… The Breakdown: Most of us are […]

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