Overheard on Twitter – 30/09/2014

We like to keep an eye out for any interesting or funny views that people might have about performance reviews. Some people hate them and some people love them, but either way the good people of Twitter love to share their opinion about their own performance in their jobs. We have compiled a list of the best and worst from […]

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Best from the Web

From the Web   Why we don’t speak up at work A few weeks ago, a friend told me he was thinking about quitting his job. He said it was because of communication breakdowns between him and his boss. Small moments of poor communication had snowballed into a deeper, gnawing frustration for my friend. My Management Lessons from Three Failed […]

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Bouncing Back From Potholes

Everyone hits potholes in their performance and company that need to be filled and cemented in place.  You don’t see them coming, but you feel when they hit—taking out a tire here or  a hub cab there. Fortunately, you can bounce back—you’ve got a spare tire in the back of your car that will help get you back on track. […]

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Bringing New Life To The Morning Staff Meeting

The best part about morning staff meetings as an employee? The coffee (unless you happen to be that one employee who is allergic to caffeine). As a manager, it can often be difficult to keep your employees awake and attentive at an early morning staff meeting, however studies have proven that we are our most creative in the morning. With […]

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