Overheard on Twitter – 14/10/2014

  Its that time of the week again… You have been squeezing your thoughts into 140 characters all week and we have chosen the best for your viewing. Shortly to attempt annual ludicrous grandiloquence in performance review. Suggestions welcome for hopelessly extravagant words to stitch in. — Alistair (@WordplayGuild) September 3, 2014 Had my annual performance review. I'm above average. […]

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The Best from the Web – 10/10/2014

We have compiled a list of some articles that we found interesting this week. Let us know what you think. Employee Onboarding at Startups Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It You’re greeted at the pearly gates to heaven by St. Peter who asks where you’d like to spend eternity. “Well, heaven of course!” you say. Peter replies: “You […]

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Top Challenges With Top Performers and Their Performance Review

High performers love performance reviews—they thrive on being critiqued by their work ethic, goals, and accomplishments. They know they’ve got it in the bag, and they’ll do anything to advance their career. These are your team members who don’t like a quick snap shot of a performance evaluation. Ten minutes is not enough to satisfy their need for attention and […]

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