Top Challenges With Top Performers and Their Performance Review

High performers love performance reviews—they thrive on being critiqued by their work ethic, goals, and accomplishments. They know they’ve got it in the bag, and they’ll do anything to advance their career. These are your team members who don’t like a quick snap shot of a performance evaluation. Ten minutes is not enough to satisfy their need for attention and […]

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Overheard on Twitter – 07/10/2014

The latest performance management related Tweets from our favourite social media site. Accidentally filled in my performance review form while connected to big screen TV in front of my boss and a team member. #facepalm — Uri Goldstein (@urig) October 2, 2014 Blind panic pulling objectives out of thin air for staff’s performance review before he goes on leave tomorrow. […]

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The Best from the Web – 03/10/2014

We understand that being a manager can have a number of challenges. Whether your a newly-promoted manager who is still trying to find your management style or an experienced manager who is finding a particular aspect of management tricky, we an help. Have a look at some of our recent blog posts and tell us how they have helped you. In […]

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