Friday Tips: How to Make Performance Check-in Meetings More Productive

Meetings have a pretty bad rap in today’s fast moving work environment and often times the important meetings can fall to the wayside.  Arguments against meetings include: They disrupt productive work Too much time in meetings is spent on recapping other meetings They may not produce a decisive next step It is because of these reasons and many more, people […]

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Stale Work Environment

It’s easy to create a monotonous, stale working environment. Anyone can do it! Strict routine, little opportunity, no culture change… But can you create a dynamic work environment where the people thrive, take on challenges with enthusiasm, are pleasantly surprised by leadership, or jump on opportunities for growth? As a manager, you’ll have quite a few employees who are okay, […]

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Activities Are Not Goals. Goals Are Not Activities.

  We have recently launched our new ebook which is called “How to Set a Performance Goal.” This blog post is a preview of what you can expect when you download the free ebook.   “You’d be surprised how many managers don’t recognise the difference. Activities describe how people spend their time, whereas goals are the results that they seek. […]

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WorkCompass finalist for ISA Software Industry Awards – Talent Development

We are delighted to get the news that WorkCompass is a finalist for an Excellence in Talent Development award from the ISA Software Industry Awards. The Excellence in Talent Development Award recognises an organisation’s’ achievement in its strategy and approach to fostering the continuous professional and personal development of people. This includes: Innovative staff development skills projects or strategies Working […]

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