The Best from the Web – 03/10/2014

We understand that being a manager can have a number of challenges. Whether your a newly-promoted manager who is still trying to find your management style or an experienced manager who is finding a particular aspect of management tricky, we an help. Have a look at some of our recent blog posts and tell us how they have helped you. In […]

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Friday Tips: 10 Ways to Bring Out the Talent in Your Employees (Part 1)

As you are putting together a team and making hiring decisions, you are always trying to find the best possible candidate for the position. Often times we get lucky and find the perfectly qualified person with all of the experience and knowledge we could ever ask for. However, this may not always be the case and we are often left […]

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Keeping With The Times: When Slow Hinders Production

Within a few months, the newest technology is already outdated and almost unsellable in today’s fast evolving industries. Everything moves and advances at such an increased speed—you blink for a moment and you’re already old news. Ten years ago, you could not accomplish the same tasks that a computer could on your phone… it wasn’t even a future thought! And […]

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Overheard on Twitter – 30/09/2014

We like to keep an eye out for any interesting or funny views that people might have about performance reviews. Some people hate them and some people love them, but either way the good people of Twitter love to share their opinion about their own performance in their jobs. We have compiled a list of the best and worst from […]

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