How to Set Performance Metrics

  Our new ebook “How to Set a Performance Goal” is now available to download for free. This blog post is a preview of what y0u can expect from the ebook.   “These measurements provide objective evidence of goal achievement – or progress towards it.”   Performance metrics are simply measures of an organization’s activities and how well they function. […]

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Round-Up From the Web

Best from the web The many, many, many things you should say “NO” to at work Forget having it all. NewBrand Analytics CEO Kristin Muhlner is having none of it. Look at all the things she says no to, and get inspired.   How To Be Efficient: Dan Ariely’s 6 New Secrets To Managing Your Time It’s hard to be […]

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How to Write a Goal

  We have recently launched our new ebook which is called “How to Set a Performance Goal.” This blog post is a preview of what you can expect when you download the free ebook. When creating goals you should consider three main parts: The Beginning Start with an active verb, an action word that implies doing something either now or […]

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Friday Tips: How to Make Performance Check-in Meetings More Productive

Meetings have a pretty bad rap in today’s fast moving work environment and often times the important meetings can fall to the wayside.  Arguments against meetings include: They disrupt productive work Too much time in meetings is spent on recapping other meetings They may not produce a decisive next step It is because of these reasons and many more, people […]

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