Our top takeaways from HR Vision – 2014

Here are our favourite quotes from the HR Vision Conference 2014 in London Teams “Review every meeting at end, with participants. How did it go from 1 to 5?” Nick Pope, Unilever “You don’t need a digital strategy, you need a business strategy for the digital age” Judy Goldberg, Sony Pictures  “In high performing teams, the cost of speaking out […]

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Friday Tips: Leadership Lessons From the Farm

When you picture a typical career do you picture an office filled with desks and people in business casual attire? Because I sure do. But what about the people who are working hard without offices and desks? Insert the hard working farmers. Here are a few leadership tips that we can pick up from the farmers of the world: 1. Work […]

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The 10 Most Unusual High Paid Jobs

  There aren’t many things which can be more demoralizing than a negative work environment. Do you feel as if there is a dark cloud looming over your head? Do you dread your alarm waking you in the morning and the thoughts of work? Well maybe its time for you to consider changing your career path. I have compiled a […]

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Stop Telling Your General Feedback!

Performance evaluations come once or twice a year—and when they come, they are often a joke or not worth anyone’s time. Your employees dread them and get all of their yearly criteria together, while you are trying to mentally prepare yourself for them to critique your coaching and leadership abilities. Both people sweat. We worry about the unstated known and fear […]

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