Operation Collaboration

  Working on a team of diverse individuals is challenging and tests your abilities. As people, we all have our strengths, talents, interests, and abilities that we consider to make up a big part of who we are. Working with a team of people who share the common goal, but different approaches, styles, and strengths, really helps to grow and […]

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Top 20 Takeaways from the Pendulum Summit with Deepak Chopra and Patrick Coveney

Looking ahead to a new year can be a bit daunting. Which is why you need an event like the Pendulum Summit to inspire and hype you up for the next twelve months. And inspiring it was with speakers like inspirational speaker Deepak Chopra, Business leader Patrick Coveney and Professional Adventurer, Author & Entrepreneur Debra Searle among others. Overall the […]

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Top 4 Toxic Company Culture Killers

  No work place is perfect. We all know that—and have experienced it. When dealing with people at any time, you’ll face different personalities, social situations, difference of opinions, ethical issues, and a variable of approaches to accomplishing jobs. We want to go over the top 5 culture killers that you never want in your business or around your people. […]

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Spotting Your Next Team Leader

  As a manager, you’re the ring leader—you wrangle the troops, help them hone their skills, teach them new ways to approach situations, and assist them in fully stepping into their full potential you know they have. Where we get off track is when we decide to stop there. We’re not only here to develop better employees—we’re here to raise […]

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