Clicking Over Connecting With Your People

  We spend a lot of time “connecting” with people—virtually—but never really find the time to “click” with those we meet in person. Those two words may sound the same, but we’d like to think that “clicking” is the next step after connecting with someone. It’s taking the new relationship past being an acquaintance—where you know more than what their […]

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Download your 2015 Team Performance Kit

Performance reviews and setting goals for the year ahead is now in full swing. To make your job easier we have collected together the best guides, tools and advice to make 2015 the best year yet for your team. How to do a performance review – the easy way! Setting employee performance goals for 2015. Webinar with our CEO Denis […]

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Operation Collaboration

  Working on a team of diverse individuals is challenging and tests your abilities. As people, we all have our strengths, talents, interests, and abilities that we consider to make up a big part of who we are. Working with a team of people who share the common goal, but different approaches, styles, and strengths, really helps to grow and […]

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Top 20 Takeaways from the Pendulum Summit with Deepak Chopra and Patrick Coveney

Looking ahead to a new year can be a bit daunting. Which is why you need an event like the Pendulum Summit to inspire and hype you up for the next twelve months. And inspiring it was with speakers like inspirational speaker Deepak Chopra, Business leader Patrick Coveney and Professional Adventurer, Author & Entrepreneur Debra Searle among others. Overall the […]

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