Disagreements Can Lead To Empowerment 

  “It’s always OK to disagree with your boss. When you support, empower and stand for your boss, your disagreement will make a difference for performance – and for your boss. It all depends on where you are coming from and your intent in the conversation. Ultimately, you could look at the outcome you want. Is it to empower your boss and […]

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Friday Tips: How to Combat the Biggest Killers of Employee Motivation (Part Two)

Last Friday I talked about the difficulty that is faced by all managers in keeping their employees motivated. The presence or lack of motivation in your employees can be caused by any number of reasons on both a personal or professional level. Since there are so many different factors to motivation, we could never list them all, but we can target […]

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Top takeaways from the Stretch Leadership Conference

Here are our favourite quotes from the Stretch Leadership Conference in Budapest Productivity: Reaching the desired results – David Allen Productivity is achieving the desired results (not about being busy). Your brain needs time to daydream to refresh! The brain is built to have ideas, not to hold them. Best practice is getting stuff out of your head. Note things […]

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