Giving Criticism The Right Way

Giving criticism can be a tough task for some, however if you’re a manager of people and you’ve given negative feedback to a team member in public, you might have crossed the line. Public criticism, unfortunately, is common in the workplace with about a third of employees subject to tongue lashings in front of the entire team. Notably, we witness […]

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Safeguarding Employees from Poaching

Poaching talent from your rival can be, depending on who you ask, a frowned upon activity or a necessary venture. According to Wikipedia, “poaching” is the illegal hunting, killing or capturing of wild animals. Don’t worry, though—nobody’s getting hurt… the hunting and capturing part is what we’re talking about today. Poaching in business is a double-edged sword because you could […]

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The Hover Boss

  Nobody enjoys someone else hovering over their every move. We like to be in charge and feel as though we are trusted to do the job we were hired for. It’s not an encouraging feeling when your boss comes to your rescue at any sign of struggle or uncertainty—it makes you feel incapable and that they don’t believe you […]

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Talent Developers Need These 4 Mad Skills To Make It

    “Any person working in a managerial capacity of some sort is required to put on many different hats. For instance he is required to plan the operations and functions within his department, organize tasks and assignments by delegating them to people in his department who might be capable of carrying them out and would be the best fit for this purpose, provide direction and […]

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