Is Career Development Optional?

  It’s a little known fact that we hire employees who are ready to hit the ground running with no training—at least that is the hope. Most employees are thrown into a new job position with the assumption and expectation that they will just catch on and develop as they go. With this lack of attention in companies for training, […]

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Not Every Manager Should Be An Internal Hire

  To lay the foundation of this post, we want to throw this out there—it’s really important for you to recognize the success of your people and reward them for their good work they have really sacrificed to produce. Today, we want to put our thoughts on the table about transferring your hard working people into manager roles. You’ll face […]

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The Freakonomics of using data for decision making – Stephen Dubner

Last week at the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) conference in Toronto Canada Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics told some stories about using data for decision making. We’re really good at using data which confirms what we want to be true rather than what is really true. Below are a few takeaways from his talk: Data tells you the what, not […]

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You Can’t Have Collaboration If You Can’t Concentrate

  This generation has really embraced the open floor office space. It’s got a certain buzz and energy to it that closed off offices just can’t provide. It’s been in hopes of providing easier collaboration, accountability, trusting relationships, and even help save on the cost of space and drastic remodeling. With all big changes there are many improvements, but also […]

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