Leadership Over Yourself

How do you lead yourself? Maybe you haven’t considered such an internal question. Perhaps you’re busy leading your team to success. Are you trying to impress executive brass? Managers have failed at leading themselves because they lack a needed awareness about their actual impact on their employees. Managers don’t usually take care of themselves. The truth is being a manager […]

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Performance appraisals are there to make HR’s life easier, not employees!

Last week the WorkCompass team attended HR Tech Europe in London’s impressive ExCel centre as one of the event sponsors. The latest HR technology was on display and some of the brightest minds shared their knowledge and experience of leadership and Human Resources. It’s an impressive event and has fast become one of our must attend conferences in the years […]

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4 Tactics to Integrate Transparency

Transparency is the state of allowing light to shine through to present a clear look into places and things. Transparency is also linked to honesty. We were taught honesty was the best policy as kids, however when we grow up, it seems more people don’t value honesty much. There is still a place for transparency in your organization. Managers like […]

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