Lessons from The Future Talent Conference

“Not everything that can be counted, counts” – Albert Einstein The Future Talent Conference held April 29th focused on the needs of talent and how HR works with management to meet them. It was a great success. Held at the Royal Opera House in London, speakers touched on many key notes and challenges HR departments face in the changing landscape […]

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Handle Failure For Your Success

Failure sucks and we lack tools to help us deal with it. Instead, we know more about how to be successful. You typically hear about how to do things right, but not much about how to handle a situation, or handle yourself, when things go wrong. There are many lists detailing the habits or mindsets of successful leaders. The word […]

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WorkCompass mapping the future of management

Great coverage in the Irish Examiner yesterday. Cork company WorkCompass is now making inroads into the UK market with software which is designed to turn management theory into high-performance practice. “It has been created to ensure that managers perform, to a high standard. Our key point of differentiation is that we are offering the only talent management solution on the […]

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