5 Bad Boss Traits You Must Avoid

Did you know three out of four employees have a bad boss? Hopefully the figurative three employees aren’t your employees. You could find that you think you’re a leader, your title has “manager” or “director,” but your team sees you with resentful eyes. Studies revealed about 68% of employees leave a job because their boss sucks! The time is now […]

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4 Amazing Strategies to Run Your Meeting

You have an important meeting with your team and right from the start, you run into a number of issues. Some potholes in your meeting’s path to a smooth ride look something like this: You fumble your thoughts about the reason for meeting. Your team leaves the meeting with more questions than direction. The meeting goes over its allotted time […]

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5 Effective Strategies to Resolve Team Conflict

You can be the greatest manager with employees who respect you and follow your feedback in order to be good at their jobs. Consider this nightmare scenario: What if they don’t respect each other? What if they’re feuding with one another? Conflict in an organization is not uncommon. Studies show about 85% of employees around the world deal with conflicts and […]

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