How to Effectively Lead Superstar Employees

The truth is... nobody likes average. We want to have a team of superstars! And so do you, right? Once you grab hold of an A-list employee, it's important to use your leadership skills to help them succeed even more. So how do you effectively lead superstar employees? (Hint: You have to talk the talk AND walk the walk.)

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Empowering the “human” In HR and other top takeaways from the first day at HRMExpo

HR managers and experts from across Europe gathered in Cologne, Germany for the first day of the HRM Expo on Tuesday, September 15, 2015. Featuring over 600 exhibitors and a diverse program covering 450 agenda items, the Expo promised to be a launching ground for innovative ideas in HR. Keynote speaker Rudy de Waele, CEO of shift 2020, led things […]

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Find your leadership strengths!

What kind of leader / manager are you? Do you spend your time, stressed and running around putting out fires or lighting a fire in your team? Great management is vital to individual and group excellence. And let’s face it, the better your team perform the more awesome you look !! We spent over 32,000 hours of R&D with international […]

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