Does Having Emotional Intelligence Actually Make You A Better Leader? Or Is It A Myth?

Emotional intelligence might seem like another annoying buzzword floating around, but is there something more to it? Research has battled between whether EQ is a myth or a leadership skill to move your forward in your career. Today we'll take a look at both sides and determine how EQ can make you a better leader.

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6 Qualities Great Leaders Eat, Breathe, And Sleep Daily [Infographic]

Being a leader is more than a fancy job title. The great thing about leadership is, you don't have to be a manager to be an outstanding leader. Influential people come in all shapes and sizes. What matters most is how you react to situations, and what you are actively doing to make others around you better. There are 6 qualities great leaders possess, do you have any of them? Commit to and practice these traits to make a difference to those around you...

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