How Do You Manage A Shy Employee?

This is engrained in us as the image of “success”. This comes easy to naturally outgoing and extroverted people, and they are more likely to get noticed. But what about our shy counterparts? Does this mean they are not going to be successful just because they aren’t the type to stand up and be heard? Not really.

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Revive Unmotivated Employees With 3 Easy Steps

Everyone is motivated differently... especially employees. While public praise and glory may be what one employee needs, that might make a different person feel awkward. Some need a verbal one-on-one session, while others are fine with a simple email checkin. There is a reason your employees are feeling unmotivated at work. It's your job to get with them to figure out why and work out a solution together. Try these 3 easy steps to revive your unmotivated employees.

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