Revive Unmotivated Employees With 3 Easy Steps

Everyone is motivated differently... especially employees. While public praise and glory may be what one employee needs, that might make a different person feel awkward. Some need a verbal one-on-one session, while others are fine with a simple email checkin. There is a reason your employees are feeling unmotivated at work. It's your job to get with them to figure out why and work out a solution together. Try these 3 easy steps to revive your unmotivated employees.

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WorkCompass recognised by US analysts as one of the 20 most promising HR tech solutions.

WorkCompass has been recognised by US IT industry analysts as one of the 20 most promising HR technology solutions of 2015. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs CIOs, VCs, analysts and the CIO editorial board selected the top HR tech solution providers. You can view the report online here. CIO magazine provides business executives with a better understanding of the role […]

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