Time Spent Does Not Equal Time Worked

Changing to a truly results-driven workplace is hard. We all get the concept, but when it comes to leaving early to spend time with the family, or checking Facebook for longer than we think we should, we feel guilty and decide to stay a little later and pretend to work for a little longer... we are still a bit stuck with our old thinking that time spent equals time worked.

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The Performance Conversation

A performance conversation builds a relationship that allows managers to influence others toward improved performance, development and positive outcomes. Talent conversations can happen at any time, but one of the most critical moments for doing them right is during your organization’s regular performance review process.

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The Mind of a Leader

If you really want to know why most new leaders slip up, it can likely be attributed to their mental state. No, I’m not saying they are a basket case or have mental shortcomings, but what I mean is they just aren’t prepared for the shift in mindset that occurs when going from the position of a regular worker to that of a “leader of workers.”

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