Praise: A Natural High

Praise employees, and do it in a timely fashion—as in right after they do something good. Managers, use our biological need for dopamine to your advantage! Let positive reinforcement and recognition engage and encourage your employees.

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The problem with Managing KPIs

Key performance indicators are performance measurements of critical success factors. Typically, they are used to measure results against predefined targets. There probably isn’t an organization on the planet that doesn’t use KPIs, and rightly so; they are hugely valuable when it comes to understanding if your efforts are netting a satisfactory outcome and that’s important to know. BUT that is where KPIs' job ends and the confusion starts

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How Far is Too Far When It Comes To Monitoring Your Employees?

To what lengths should you go to monitor workers’ online activity? While you don’t want employees wasting work time clicking through an online album of their best friend’s weekend at the nearby winery, how far is too far in monitoring the extent of their online activity throughout the day?

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Managing A Job-Sharing Role

Usually, the main motivation behind a job-share opportunity is employees wanting a better work-life balance. So, when the opportunity for that kind of role opens up, poeple are more than motivated to make it work. Nothing beats motivated employees—because motivated employees are generally the most productive kind of worker. And they’re happy about their work situation. That’s a good thing. […]

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