Coaching On The Fly

If talent management is to be effective and a process-oriented endeavor, it needs to happen like that. Humans are dynamic; so is life and thus work. Because of this, feedback and coaching have to be dynamic, too—constant in nature and communicated consistently, depending on when the situation calls for it.

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How to Manage a Star Performer

A small business (or any business for that matter) is a lot like a team. You do team-building activities together, get competitive amongst each other, and push each other to be your best. And naturally, on a team, there are going to be standout players and there are going to be benchwarmers. That’s just the nature of the game.

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Praise: A Natural High

Praise employees, and do it in a timely fashion—as in right after they do something good. Managers, use our biological need for dopamine to your advantage! Let positive reinforcement and recognition engage and encourage your employees.

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