You’re In Charge Of Your Own Development?

  Leaders are in charge of their direct reports’ development, but who is in charge of being the leader to develop the leaders? Most of the time, it’s the leader, manager, or head of department themselves. Scary thought, right? We say it all the time—we want to be in charge of our own development, but when we have the opportunity, […]

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Entitlement Doesn’t Look Good On You

  Entitlement can catch like fire. It isn’t targeted within any specific generation, demographic, or job position—it happens in almost every part of your company. People will claim their rights, or even go as far as stating that they are the top and the favorite, but that doesn’t give someone the floor to exude entitlement. As a manager, you’ll be faced […]

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Eight Qualities of a Great Manager

Promotions are a big deal at Google.  Twice a year, thousands of Googlers get promoted to positions of higher responsibility.  The process involves bringing in hundreds of senior employees from all over the world to San Francisco and forming teams of committees.  Each committee is given a stack of nominations and after lots of conversations they choose who is to […]

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The 10 Most Unusual High Paid Jobs

  There aren’t many things which can be more demoralizing than a negative work environment. Do you feel as if there is a dark cloud looming over your head? Do you dread your alarm waking you in the morning and the thoughts of work? Well maybe its time for you to consider changing your career path. I have compiled a […]

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Stop Telling Your General Feedback!

Performance evaluations come once or twice a year—and when they come, they are often a joke or not worth anyone’s time. Your employees dread them and get all of their yearly criteria together, while you are trying to mentally prepare yourself for them to critique your coaching and leadership abilities. Both people sweat. We worry about the unstated known and fear […]

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