Start At The Top—Not The Bottom

If you believe that motivation is self-produced in the workplace, think again. Gravity is a funny thing. It brings what is up high, down low. Simple physics. It's not shocking then that motivation follows the rules of gravity.

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The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership Roles

Is it difficult? Yes. Is it unnatural? It may feel that way at first, but that doesn’t mean it is. Showing vulnerability in a leadership position could go a long way to building credibility and trust among your employees.

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How To Make Work Awesome For Apathetic Employees

Sure, there are apathetic employees at any job, going about their business on autopilot. But as a leader in your company, it’s your job to instill motivation in your employees. It starts at the top because, ultimately, leaders are the ones who dictate and create company environment and day-to-day culture.

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Time Spent Does Not Equal Time Worked

Changing to a truly results-driven workplace is hard. We all get the concept, but when it comes to leaving early to spend time with the family, or checking Facebook for longer than we think we should, we feel guilty and decide to stay a little later and pretend to work for a little longer... we are still a bit stuck with our old thinking that time spent equals time worked.

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