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You’ve got better things to do

Your system needs to be easy – not something that has to be trained, not something that’s going to take hours to come to terms with. You need your team to be out making sales, building products and working on new ones, so performance management needs to be quick, intuitive, and give results without taking forever.

Data-centric people decisions

He’s a good guy! Is not enough information. You need to use the data to make defensible decisions on people. Gut feeling doesn’t cut it when it comes to making the hard people decisions.


How can we raise average productivity by 10%? You won’t get that productivity increase by only focusing on your best performers. You need a system that identifies and helps you manage performance (and productivity) at all levels of the organization.

Managing performance is important

Because if you don’t, who are you going to blame for objectives not being met? Can you even prove that the employee knew what to work towards and was actively doing it?

What & How

You need to know they’re making the sales today and can make the same sales next month. Can you tell at a glance who’s achieving sales targets? Can you also tell whether they’re likely to continue making sales in the future? You need to measure achievement of objectives, and also consider how well your staff measure up on behaviors – how well they build relationships, how convincing they are in a conversation – that means they’re likely to succeed in future. If people aren’t meeting targets, can you find evidence why?
Work Compass Notifications

Talk to us about how performance management can help your organisation

Work Compass Notifications

HR Benefits

Performance-driven culture

Management is Performance Management, standards and objectives described at an organizational level, rolled down to employees… that’s how great businesses work.


Are you obligated to review staff performance? Have you said employees will receive a regular performance review? Do you have an obligation to deliver? Even if you haven’t written it down, is it expected you’re going to have that conversation?

Are reviews being done?

Are reviews being conducted? By everyone? To a high standard? On time? With actionable outcomes? If they’re not, they need to be. You need to be able to identify who’s done their reviews and who hasn’t, and to follow up in a timely manner. Good luck doing that if you’ve got hundreds of paper forms to sort through…

Are People being treated fairly?

A system will help eliminate bias and recency effects by keeping reviews as objective as possible, allowing continuous feedback and capturing evidence along with ratings. The more detailed your reviews and complete your documentation, the less likely you are to encounter difficulties down the track. You also need a way to compare reviews across teams and managers to make sure everyone’s reviewing consistently.

Business Leader Benefits

Can your managers manage?

A good performance management system provides a clear way to see what’s going on with your people – that problems are being dealt with, good people identified and developed and targets are being met.

You need talented people

Great people have more options, they can deliver more to the company, they know this and your competitors know this. You need a way to identify your key people and focus resources on developing them if you want to keep them.

People decisions are made on merit

If you’re not recording achievements properly, reviews can end up being based on very subjective criteria – you’ll see people rated highly because they’re ‘nice’, get on well with the manager, or because it’s just a lot easier to give someone a good rating and avoid a tricky conversation. You want to avoid making potentially costly mistakes so you need to be sure decisions are based on facts and not feelings. Your performance management system needs to provide these facts.

Work Compass Reporting

Talk to us about how performance management can help your organisation

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