Benefits to HR Leaders

Simplify and automate performance management in your organization.

WorkCompass is built on a framework of small, regular check-ins and conversations that build up to an accurate picture of performance across the review period. By removing the pressure and stress of one big yearly event teams now love engaging in the process and performance improves.

Unrivalled adoption by staff, managers and your executive team.

Teams love how easy WorkCompass is to use and companies experience an unrivalled 94% adoption rate after only three months.
32% increase in the number of goals met or exceeded on time after 6 months.
An increase in staff discretionary effort 11.4% after 9 months.

Track the performance of your employees in real time.

Real time analytic show you how your teams are doing at any time of day or night. Access the reports you need when and how you want them.

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We used manual forms for performance management, it was a nightmare, everyone hated it, most the time the forms were never filled in. Now doing a plan or review takes minutes, I know who has done it and its all in one place.

Claire HughesHR @ WebPrint.


Work Compass Notifications

Improve Performance.

We have distilled the people management practices that the behavioural scientists agree improve staff performance into a single, intuitive, cloud software system that creates real results. WorkCompass is the product of over 32,000 hours of research and testing. The development team includes leading organizational development experts from industry and academia.

Clearly measure and report on team and employee performance across the organization.

Clearly see what parts of the organization are performing well at the department, team and employee level. Get early warning when performance is going off course and may affect your organization’s goals and strategy.

Free up key HR resources to focus on core strategy and value.

WorkCompass simplifies and automates the Performance Management process so you can focus on guiding your organization and teams to success. WorkCompass allows HR to work smarter not harder.
Save 192 hours or 5.3 weeks per manager per year with WorkCompass. (*Calculation Based on 1 manager with a team of 8 staff. Annual goal setting with quarterly reviews)

Grainne gibbons - HR Specialist, The Anne Sullivan Centre

The prompting tool has also played a significant role in ensuring managers complete their necessary reports, especially in a 24/7 working environment. In addition the milestones segment in conjunction with the above features Anne Sullivan has found WorkCompass to be a highly effective tool.

Grainne GibbonsHR Specialist, The Anne Sullivan Centre.

Fast, painless, setup, support and training.

Training takes 15 minutes for employees and 30 minutes for Managers and is done on line.
To show you just how easy it is to get set up WorkCompass Performance Management across your organization here is the getting started guide we give to new customers.

Increase transparency and fairness for all staff.

WorkCompass removes bias and recency effects by keeping reviews as objective as possible, allowing continuous feedback and capturing evidence along with ratings. This results in a Performance Management process staff can believe in and engage with.

Identify and retain high performers.

Individuals who clearly exceed expectations and deliver superior results are your star performers. WorkCompass will identify them and allow you to acknowledge their high performance, congratulate them, thank them, be their cheerleader. If you don’t their next boss will.


We’ve been doing performance
management for years but it’s never been more than an annual event. WorkCompass has made it an on-going process now. As a result we’re all getting a lot more of the right things done.

Ros O’ShaughnessyHead of HR and Talent, Irish Management Institute.

Roslyn O'Shaughnessy
Work Compass Notifications

Smart Mentor – Inbuilt employee and manager guidance.

The WorkCompass integrated Smart Mentor (TM) system delivers conversation guide to Managers when they need them to help them have high impact performance conversations with their staff.
Smart Mentor is a semantic or learning layer that uses team member progress updates and their manager’s ratings to profile their performance. On that basis WorkCompass then sends their managers performance conversation guides. It sends these guides when the team member needs some performance coaching so the conversations are high quality and happen at the right time.
Save Money on training and equip your managers with the information they need to have high impact conversation with their staff.

Identify small issues in your organization before they become big problems.

Get early warning when performance is going off course and may affect your organization’s goals and strategy.

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How to sell performance management to your team

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