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Hire The Hustle

  Not every employee can be the smartest, fastest, most capable, heroic, or talented hire. We really wish this was the case, but in reality, you need someone who is great in their field and a good hustler to make up for lack of qualities they possess. Having someone on your team who really tries their best to get the […]

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Working Smarter vs. Working Longer

  There’s always at least one person in your department who stays later than everyone else slaving over work… you wish you had that drive and commitment! But, when 5 o’clock hits and you truly are finished with your work, why do you feel guilty for heading home to the family… or for some of us, our pups (no shame)? […]

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How to Combat the Biggest Killers of Employee Motivation (Part Two)

Last Friday I talked about the difficulty that is faced by all managers in keeping their employees motivated. The presence or lack of motivation in your employees can be caused by any number of reasons on both a personal or professional level. Since there are so many different factors to motivation, we could never list them all, but we can target […]

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Leadership Lessons From the Farm

When you picture a typical career do you picture an office filled with desks and people in business casual attire? Because I sure do. But what about the people who are working hard without offices and desks? Insert the hard working farmers. Here are a few leadership tips that we can pick up from the farmers of the world: 1. Work […]

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