goals vs activities, goal setting

Activities Are Not Goals. Goals Are Not Activities.


We have recently launched our new ebook which is called “How to Set a Performance Goal.” This blog post is a preview of what you can expect when you download the free ebook.


“You’d be surprised how many managers don’t recognise the difference. Activities describe how people spend their time, whereas goals are the results that they seek. “


goals vs activities, goal setting

Confusing activities and goals can mean that you focus on doing tasks and not achieving outcomes.
The problems can be:
• You potentially reward activity that does not contribute to your organization’s goals.
• Your team believes that it is responsible for activity and not results.
• You and your team waste lots of time doing stuff that adds no value.
• The tasks required to achieve a goal will change as circumstances do. If you continue with the same list of tasks you are unlikely to achieve your goals.

If you enjoyed this preview of our ebook why not download the complete edition for free.

What else does the ebook cover?

  • Minimise emotion at a meeting so it can be a constructive conversation about how to improve
  • Keep your star performers happy.
  • Help solid performers take on more responsibility.
  • Be firm with under performers.
  • Improve the performance and engagement of your team.


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