How to Organize Your Routine for the New Year

The new year inspires many of us to do better or try harder. We often come up with lofty goals (i.e., New Years Resolutions), but we struggle to keep them going even into February. That’s because we don’t plan out how we intend to reach the goals we set. We give it our best shot, but without taking small steps to reach a larger goal, we are shooting in the dark.

Many business men and women resolve to become more organized in the new year. To help you make your best effort in 2019, here are 5 ways to help you become and stay organized:

  1. Reduce clutter. This means at home and at work, both physical and virtual clutter. Start by cleaning out one closet in your home, or even your email account. Make a list of clutter reduction priorities and make your way down the list until your living space, working space and computers no longer make you crazy.
  2. Create healthy habits. Some say that making your bed every morning inhibits a sense of pride and accomplishment which makes you more productive. Other habits like running and working out or playing a team sport are great for routine and organization as well as mental and physical wellbeing. Simple steps like laying your clothes out the night before work are also great for your routine.
  3. Develop an email filing system. I know. You can’t throw them out, you may need them. Let me tell you, you can trash at least 50% of your work and personal emails now. Although you need to come up with a great filing system that works for you to keep the ones you need, there are some emails you shouldn’t keep. Start figuring it out now; it will save you time in the future.
  4. Store everything in the cloud. Have you ever looked around you home and thought about what you can get rid of thanks to modern technology. I love physical books, but think about how many books you own, how much space they take up, and the fact you can have every single one in one device in the palm of your hand. I won’t be getting rid of my books, but wherever it makes sense in your world, consider moving physical objects to the cloud to decrease clutter and increase organization.
  5. Schedule everything. There are plenty of free scheduling and list apps if you don’t like your phones native calendar. Try a few and figure out which one you can live with. Then schedule everything. Meetings. Tasks. Meals. Time to schedule things. And don’t lie to yourself about how long things will take you.

Developing an organized routine doesn’t happen in a day. Take small steps and celebrate your success along the way. As you go, you’ll notice increased efficiency and diminished stress.


Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman is the founder and CEO of Work Compass, a cloud staff performance collaboration software platform that helps teams align their efforts with strategic goals and continuously improve performance. Frustrated with the disconnect between strategy setting and day to day execution and the lack of tools available to managers to help them be great at their most important function …. Aligning their teams activities with strategic goals and actively managing for high performance Denis spent over 5 years researching strategy execution and performance management practices before founding Work Compass to create a software solution. Denis has held senior roles in Ireland, Czech Republic and North America with high performing electronics manufacturing and professional services organisations for more than 12 years. Denis has worked as Finance Director responsible for €800 million in annual revenues for Flextronics International, Key Account Manager responsible for annual revenues of more than €600 million for Dovatron International and Management Consultant for BDO one of Europe’s most successful professional services providers.

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